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Guide to Fishing the Victoria River region

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It’s no secret our team here at Rod and Rifle Tackle World are mad fishos. We love getting out on the water, enjoying time with family and friends, and hoping to snag the next big Barramundi.

If you are looking to venture a little further from Katherine in search of the elusive Barramundi then heading west to the Victoria river region is a great option. This blog will give you a guide on where to fish and what to expect when heading that direction. The first thing I will tell you about this area is that in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful regions in the NT. The Red Rock lined escarpments meeting the valleys of the Victoria river are breath taking. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to fish.

Guide to Fishing the Victoria River region

A nice Legal Barramundi taken on the mighty Vic river. check out that escarpment country! Such a beatiful place to fish.

BE CROC WISE! – Always be on the look out for Crocs!

There are two locations worth spending some time at in the Vic River region, they are the Victoria River road house and Timber Creek. Below is some information on Both areas.

Victoria River Roadhouse

Your first stop west from Katherine is the Victoria River roadhouse, this great little area has a beautiful campground with green grass and the usual amenities you would expect. Its located roughly 200kms West of Katherine on the freshwater section of the Victoria River. This is a great location to make your home base for exploring the Judburra/Gregory national park. Be mindful that you are now in a National park and there are certain rules that apply to fishing. You are NOT permitted to use bait, nets and traps. You are only allowed to use Lures in the national park. The main reason for this is to avoid the accidental capture of Turtles.

If you are planning to fish around this area there are a couple of locations suited to both land-based fishing and the use of a small boat and motor.

Land based

Behind the Victoria River road is a great stretch of river to walk along and flick at snags and running water sections. Be mindful that the later in the year it gets the lower the water level will be and the less area there will be to fish.

The Old Victoria river crossing is located about 5 min further west from the Roadhouse. This area gives you great access to fish both upstream and down stream sections of the river. At the right time of the year (just after our annual “wet Season”) this part of the river is known to produce great numbers of fish. There is quite a large stretch of river to explore here so once you arrive at this location, go for a walk either upstream or downstream, look for structure that might hold fish or fast flowing rapids that may have a slower water area beside them this will give you the best chance to catch a Barra. BE CROC WISE! The Victoria river is renowned for having some of the largest crocodiles in the NT, so please stay away from the water’s edge and always be on the look out for them.

Fishing from a Boat

Behind the Roadhouse is a boat ramp that gives you access to the upper reaches of the freshwater section of river. This place is absolutely breath taking. The section of water has quite a few options for chasing Barra. It’s loaded with structure that you cast or trawl. Look for large sections of timber that are in deeper water and spend some time casting either hard body or soft plastics lures into the timber. If there’s a hungry Barra in there he will bite for sure. If your boat has a sounder then put it to good use and look for structure/rocks that are under the water. Use some hard body lures for the appropriate depth and trawl over these areas. I would recommend using a “Classic Barra 10+” these are a sure fire way to entice a hungry Barra.

The Old Victoria River crossing

If your Tinny is small enough to be launched from the bank with out the need for a ramp then this area gives you access to smaller land locked holes of the river that you can explore and fish. These don’t often get fished due to the effort required to launch a boat. So if you can easily launch your boat then this could be a great option for you. The same technics used behind the Roadhouse will also work for you here.

Make sure you take the time to do the Escarpment walk in the park. Its unreal.

Timber Creek

Located just under 300kms from Katherine is the town of Timber Creek. Here you will find a small supermarket, hotels, van parks and campgrounds. If your boat is slightly larger and you are looking to venture a little further downstream, then this is the place for you. Timber Creek is the main destination that locals from Katherine looking to go fishing for the weekend will frequent. For us if there are 5 or more cars at the ramp then we consider that busy!

Launching your boat

15 min further West from the town of Timber Creek is the main boat ramp called “Big horse Creek”, here you will find a camp ground, long drop toilets and your access to the salt water section of the mighty Victoria River. This is an all tide ramp, but you do need to be careful on a low tide as the end of the ramp can drop off quite suddenly.

Once you have launched your boat you now have access to almost 100kms of saltwater river. This area is tidal and your best bet for targeting Barra is to fish the “neap” tides. Neap meaning less movement of water allowing the sediment to drop out and the water to clear. If you need further advice on the tides then feel free to give us a call at the store and we can let you know what phase the tides are currently in.

There are several areas to fish within 20k of the ramp, the Victoria river is wide and shallow river. Look for large areas of rock that protrude from water’s edge, most likely this will give you a great indication that below the water is riddled with a nice rock bar. Use Classic Barra 10+ lures to trawl over these areas. The main fishing style at the Vic is either live bait or trawling lures across those rock bars. For more detailed information on where to fish we suggest you get yourself a copy of the NT Fish finder book. This has plenty of information with GPS coordinates for major obstacles in many NT rivers.

Fishing off the bank

If you are planning to fish off the bank please remember to be Croc wise, this area is renowned to have some of the largest Crocodiles in the NT! Our first land-based fishing location is about 5 min west of Timber Creek, look for a blue sign that has “Policeman’s Point” written on it. Turn right off highway and follow this dirt track down to the water. Here you will find area where the river compresses and shallows to a small channel that can produce many good-sized Barra. Our tip for fishing here is use a Shallow running “Gold Bomber” lure. Just on dark or early in the morning may increase your chances.

Our second and final location is the “Big Horse Creek” boat ramp, here you will find Big horse creek running into the river. Quite often I have been down the river putting in a hard days fishing for not much reward, returning to the ramp only to find the locals from Timber Creek have been slaying big Barra all day at the ramp! Do not understand the size of the fish you can possibly catch at this location. Cast out from the ramp into the creek and look for a colour line of the creek water meeting the river water. The Barra will congregate in areas like this looking for an easy meal.

I hope I have given you some direction on the Victoria River region, if you need any more information or any gear to help increase your chances of landing a Barra please feel free to drop into our store in Katherine or give us a call. Good Luck! Be CROC WISE!

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